Connecting past, present and future by turning ancient mementos into contemporary aesthetics: inspired by the World’s Seven Wonders, faded memories of bygone eras and ancestral places are - as if in an interdimensional vortex - shaken up, blended and transfigured in this collection. If the past is no longer remembered, re-discover it through the textures and patterns of VESTIGE.

VESTIGE is a collection aiming to connect the past, present, and future by framing forgotten traces into modern contemporary silhouettes and aesthetics. The primary inspirational source behind the collection was the Seven World Wonders. The designers were interested in traits and qualities left behind by our ancestors and the memories of the bygone eras, so the concept starts with the seven miracles of the subjective world imagined by them.

The elements of the collection are mixed in space and time, which tries to interpret the fictional world's non-existent boundaries from a new perspective. The different aspects of the subjective past are merged into a collective contemporary attitude. Blending the past and the present has always been a key interest in the designers’ practice and has a really strong role in the identity of their brand. This is how they arrived at footprints and traces of something, which no longer exists, to VESTIGE, the eponym of the collection.




Campaign and lookbook photographed by

Balázs Máté