Assimilation is mandatory - some might say it’s a must.

Yet the designers of THEFOUR, Anett and Marci, celebrate the differences - therefore they believe the key to our unity is embracing uniqueness.

Now, at the crossroads of recent past and “ancient future” (the kind of future where long gone values and needs come back blending with the technology humans created) we have common roots with our enemies and faded connections with our real loved ones. It is really hard to say who we know, what is old and what is new. We are mixed and merged, posting and following, with a growing need to live a meaningful life.

We are all hybrids of our past memories and our future opportunities.

The collection represents this one-of-a-kind hybridism, starting with the chosen fabrics, their source and nature.

The jacquards are from certified deadstocks from Lyon, France. Curly mohair and high quality technical fabrics that were made in Italy, originally for the luxury brands of LVMH, are now blended with kente print and hand woven textiles from Ghana  (representing Anett’s roots), and silk damask from Bezdán (Marci’s birth town in Vojvodina, northernmost part of Serbia near the Hungarian border) made on wood looms from the 19th century that uses pasteboard cards with punched holes.

The virgin wools of the big volume winter coats - inspired by 50’s men overcoats, and the thick cottons of the loose sweatshirts - emerged from the designers love of streetwear, are chosen for long lively and to give real and natural comfort in the cold.

These textiles, used in patchwork-like fabric manipulation, mirrors an amalgam of cultures, different traditions and technologies, sustainability and a personal touch from the two designer's past and defines the intricate details on the pieces.

Brave core pieces, such as 70’s-90’s inspired batwing jackets are limited and numbered, the production color scheme is finalized directly with the customers if needed after the order to gain the maximum compatibility with their mindset and aesthetics.

The garments of THEFOUR’s HYBRID collection developed from the bold look of urban outfits, reshaped by the idea of being long lasting and one-of-a-kind, that is the key to survival.

3D printed sunglasses by @platoscavedesign