In the time of uncertainty we need to dream again.

In the 00's it was about fairytales and fantasy. After that minimalism headed to normcore, silence was the answer of chaos. But for now we need to use our imagination to believe that we have an equal future, we can turn back the climate change or to not end up in a new world war. And then, make our dreams come true. That's the mission of the designer minds.

During the design process of their SS 2022 collection the designers  - Anett and Marci - focused on one main keyword: INTEGRITY.

Their urge to manifest “integrity” is both personal and professional, rooted from the need of honesty and the aim of inner sense of "wholeness".

The main textiles used for the collection is form ​​retraceable deadstocks from France. High quality textiles that made for luxury brands of LVMH now mixed and merged with kente fabrics from Ghana - representing Anett’s roots,  and with hand woven silk damask from Bezdán, Marci’s birth town in Serbia near the Hungarian border. 

The garments of THEFOUR’s SS 2022 collection emerged from the look of urban outfits, reshaped by the idea of being long lasting and one-of-a-kind is the key to survival.

Jewelleries at the fashion show are by @kocsoresztersarajewelry

3D printed sunglasses by @platoscavedesign