THEFOUR stands for Thoughtful + Effortless + Outspoken + Rebel
in the expanding universe of clothing design. 

The Budapest-based independent conceptual streetwear brand’s two designers, Anett and Marton come from different backgrounds, but have a multicultural vision. A THEFOUR creation, being a sartorial reflection on today’s perplexing reality, always carries empowering visual messages – while smart cuts and neat shapes keep the sophisticated pieces of the label easily adaptable.

the designers

Anett and Marci - partners-in-crime since their university years - are the designers behind THEFOUR, a Budapest based womenswear label. While they have a shared devotion to creation, they could not be more different regarding their personalities, and their attitude towards design.

The pair, through a continuous dialogue, constructively channels their clashing energies into reaching one shared goal: designing clothing for maverick women.


Every piece undergoes a handcrafted process, reflecting our commitment to artisanal excellence. In a fashion industry driven by rapid production, our brand serves as a model of purposeful design, fusing aesthetics with responsible manufacturing.